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Do you live in Central Texas and want to get involved with the Browncoat Ball? We’re always looking for volunteers! Go to the contacts page to find email addresses for the 2008 Browncoat Ball Organizers.

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2008 Browncoat Ball
Austin, TX
October 10-12, 2008

Hi-Yo Serenity!

When the Rim was young and danger lay at the end of every course, The Browncoats brought not so much law and order to the length and breadth of the Western ‘Verse!

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear and the far flung future.

The Browncoats ride again!

This, my friends, is no Alliance town. It’s where the Old West meets the Final Frontier.

We are Austin.
We are Browncoats.
And we aim to misbehave!

Join us for three days of entertainment in the most exciting, yet laid-back city in America! From October 10th thru 12th, 2008, you’ll get the chance to meet and hangout with your new and old best friends in the ‘Verse! Visit our Schedule Page (link the Schedule page here) for more information about what lies in store for you when you get together with the Austin Browncoat and Aim to Misbehave!

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