Browncoat Raffle Donations

Donate Raffle or Auction Items

Pennsylvania Browncoats LogoThe Pennsylvania Browncoats are taking on a lot in in 2017. In addition to hosting the Browncoat Ball Gettysburg, we’ll also be hosting one or more Can’t Stop the Serenity (CSTS) screenings. The success of both events hinges somewhat on having shiny items to raffle or auction.

We are gathering up items donated from our own ranks for both the Ball and CSTS, and we are hoping for some swag from CSTS Global for the charity events. However if you are interested in donating to one or both types of events, there are a couple ways you can help.

Browncoat Raffle DonationsWe’ve set up an Amazon Wish List that you can order from and have Amazon ship directly to us. Just specify if you want the item to benefit the Browncoat Ball or Can’t Stop the Serenity. If you already have items you’d like to donate, please contact our Raffle Mistress at by email at Again, specify if you’d like to donate to the Ball or CSTS.

Whether an item will be put up for raffle or designated for auction will depend on value, real or perceived.