There are three types tickets for Browncoat Ball Gettysburg 2017. There’s the Full Weekend Pass that includes everything except the premium Serenity Valley Track which is an additional cost. There’s also a Saturday Only option that includes the Saturday daytime tracks as well as the Banquet/Ball Saturday night. A Banquet/Ball Only ticket is also available for those only able to attend Saturday night. The prices are as follows:

Full Weekend Pass:

  • $150 until 4/30/17
  • $165 from 5/1/17 through 6/30/17
  • $175 from 7/1/17 through 7/31/17

(Registration closes 7/31/17 at midnight.)

Saturday Only Pass:


Banquet/Ball Only Pass:


Sunday’s Serenity Valley Premium Track Pass:


(This is in addition to any of the of the Passes above.)

LIMITATIONS: Total attendance to Browncoat Ball Gettysburg 2017 is limited to 150 people total, across Full Weekend Passes, Saturday Only Passes, and Banquet/Ball Only passes. The Sunday Serenity Valley Track Passes are limited to 30 people total. All passes will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Review the Schedule of Events before registering.

Register and buy tickets now.