2008 Browncoat Ball
Bid Guidelines
2006 Postmortem
2004 Postmortem

2009 Browncoat Ball

The Browncoat Ball is an annual event that will be held in a different city each year. Any cities who wish to host the Browncoat Ball in 2009 can use the following guidelines to submit their bid to the Browncoat Ball committee by the [__PENDING__] deadline.

2009 Bid Guidelines

Read more about what it takes to submit a bid for hosting the 2009 Browncoat Ball in your city, along with instructions on how to submit your bid. Please see the Previous Events page for an outline of the 2004, 2006 and 2007 balls.

2006 Postmortem

Get an idea of what goes into an event plan by reviewing the postmortem report for the 2006 Browncoat Ball. Find out what we did right, what we did wrong, and what we think might be worthwhile for the 2007 hosts to consider.

2004 Postmortem

See how it all started with the postmortem report for the original 2004 Browncoat Ball.



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