Sean Maher SLCC 2016

Firefly / Serenity Guest at SLCC 2016

Sean Maher SLCC 2016

New Firefly / Serenity Guest at Salt Lake Comic Con!

We are excited to welcome Sean Maher to Salt Lake City!

Will you join us at as well?
Browncoat Ball 2016 is the perfect Browncoat summer vacation!
Don’t forget to check out the Ball’s Saturday activities as well!

Come for the Ball, Stay for the Con!

A highly unique offering of Browncoat ball 2016 is that we are extending the invitation to attend a world-class Comic Con, to be held in Salt Lake City during the week following the Ball (Sept. 1-3rd).

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Salt Lake Comic Con
Passes for the epic 2016 Salt Lake Comic Con are now on sale!

New guests are announced regularly, so check back often for your favorites!

Shindig Partners, in league with the mighty Utah Browncoats, are excited to welcome the Ball attendees to visit our beautiful city, and take part in all that we have to offer. The Utah Browncoats have been around since the beginning, and two of the founding members were responsible for the fan documentary “Done the Impossible“. We have been hosting events since 2004, and our Facebook group is overflowing with friendly Browncoats. We invite you to join in and take part in our community, and get to know some of the faces you’ll see at the Ball!
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